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Employee Wellbeing

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Inexorable advances in technology development and 4IR-driven automation initiatives, coupled with the irreversible impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people’s mental health and physical wellbeing, has created an urgent need for organisations to put Employee Wellness on top of their strategic business agendas.



Addressing and promoting employee wellbeing reduces unmanaged stress and ensures a more positive working environment for individuals and organisations. Wellness is a core enabler of employee engagement and organisational performance and is best achieved through human connection, shared values, and a sense of common purpose and belonging

The Problem

  • Employee wellness and wellbeing is now a critical conversation due to the added stress, feelings of alienation, and lack of formal tools and support in these uncertain times

  • Employers are confronted by a whole new set of dynamics and without a holistic approach that includes genuine care and concern, employees simply feel “processed

  • The impact of poor employees wellness leads to increased absenteeism, reduces productivity, and has a direct impact on organisational performance and the bottom line

Our Solution:

  • With remote and hybrid working models now a permanent reality, leveraging the multi-stakeholder benefits of implementing technology-based wellness and mentoring programs where employees and colleagues can mentor, support, and care for each other is absolutely vital

  • Employers with staff working remotely need to have access to information and data to be able to act swiftly on the insights and conversations that make up the “pulse of the organisation” – essentially the vital signs of a healthy organisation

  • Everything we do and every emotion we feel, relates to our sense of personal well-being and having access to a trusted group of peers and mentors in the “moment-of-need” is critical to creating positive interactions which impact productivity and growth of all parties

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