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Apprenticeship Development

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Apprenticeships form a critical component of current and future workforce development.  Both degree and certificated apprenticeships offer fulfilling career opportunities to participants irrespective of their route into the apprenticeship scheme. Defined career pathways and learning frameworks as well as mentors and supervisors play a critical role in the development of new skills, knowledge, and behaviours required for the learning journeys


An added benefit of most apprenticeship schemes is that they cater to the need to earn a living whilst learning and are therefore ideal for not only young school or college leavers but also more mature adults wishing to make important mid-life career changes

From an organisational perspective, apprenticeship schemes can support business restructuring. They can provide tailored development to current employees when repurposing roles enabling them to acquire new skills. This helps retain employees who have acquired considerable company knowledge and provides the opportunity to continue to contribute to their organisations.

The Problem

  • Changes in the approach to implementing traditional apprenticeships due to pandemic-related remote working practices and/or laid off experienced employees

  • An over-dependency on a limited number of skilled trainers and facilitators

  • Non-digitally enabled curriculum and course-work that is focused on content-based learning with insufficient contextual or situational understanding and real learning

  • Limited ability for apprentices to learn by osmosis and “over the watercooler” as more and more organisations move to staggered shifts or remote working habits

  • Transitioning long-standing employees who are knowledgeable about the business into new job opportunities

Our Solution:

  • Provides a structured social learning platform ensuring always on, anytime and anywhere “in-the-moment-of-need” learning for apprentices and supervisors

  • Creates a learning momentum and sense of camaraderie and achievement as apprentices earn recognitions and reward from both peers and professionals

  • Gives committed and engaged apprentices an opportunity to “show case” their personal brand value proposition by helping others and enhancing the outcomes

  • Ensures a safe and trusted space to learn, collaborate, ask questions, gain from others and generally benefit from an accelerated human knowledge exchange

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