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UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), ESG (Environment, Social and Governance), Climate Change, and Societal Transformation are now arguably the most pressing strategic global imperatives of our time.

So-called “Triple Bottom Line” and measuring “Social Impact” have spawned whole new business models and funding focus areas.
The global “Impact Investment” space is valued at nearly $3Tn and growing and the important concept of “Benefits” or B-Corporations (B Corp Certification) is now a welcome reality. The emergence of the Social Enterprise is real.


The Mentoring 4 Success Social Impact programs are designed specifically to address these critical global initiatives and attractive ESG / CSR / EDI / SDG opportunities exist - so contact us to get involved in making a meaningful global impact soon.  

Notwithstanding the obvious importance of the planet-saving “Net Zero” Sustainability initiatives, the global statistics on Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity remain an equal stain on our human values and a serious indictment on the way we have collectively allowed our world to develop to this very fragile point.


The cost of “human factors” or human error alone in the global engineering and construction sector annually is over $380Bn, year after year and the impact on our scarce planetary resources is many times more than that. 


An equally pressing challenge now is the mass retirement and end of the skills, knowledge and network rich “Baby Boomer” generation of senior managers and executives.


Mentoring 4 Success (“M4S”) and the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (“SAICE”) have partnered with technology provider Knowledge Mentoring (Global) Limited (“KMG”) to offer two, multi-discipline and multi-country solutions to these challenges and welcome all aligned engineering and construction bodies and institutions to collaborate with us in our two flagship initiatives:


  • WITBE – Women in the Built Environment

  • MASELULEKANE – Candidacy Mentoring and Support Program

Background to the original idea:


The original concept and idea of “Nation Building through mobile Knowledge Mentoring®” became an international award-winning presentation and an internationally published book chapter Knowledge Swarms and Experiential Hives™

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