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Early Career Graduates

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Traditional graduate development and/or personal development programs in organisations do not cater for the complexity and structured nature required for the career development pathways of junior staff towards professional registration, certification or chartered status.


Graduate Mentoring programs are designed to produce confident, competent and capable young professionals for the future and therefore require a careful balance between Personal and Professional Development (with a focus on passions and professionalism) and Professional Registration (with a focus on process and progress)

The Problem

  • ·Changes in the approach to traditional graduate development due to pandemic-related remote working practices and/or laid off experienced employees

  • A global downturn in almost all economies has led to lays offs and downsizing across all sectors which reduces the number of senior and experienced staff and experts for mentoring

  • The evolving learning modalities and methods used to train and prepare young professional has morphed substantially in just 10 years reducing the human aspects

  • Limited ability for graduates, colleagues, and supervisors to share and compare “over the watercooler” as more and more organisations move to hybrid and remote working practices and patterns

Our Solution:

  • Provides a structured social learning platform ensuring always-on, anytime, and anywhere “in-the-moment-of-need” learning for graduates, colleagues, and mentors

  • Creates a learning momentum and ability to motivate, manage and monitor career progress and leverage shared learning opportunities for the benefit of the collective

  • Gives committed and engaged graduates an opportunity to “showcase” their personal brand value proposition by helping others and enhancing the outcomes

  • Ensures a safe and trusted space to learn, collaborate, ask questions, gain insight from others and generally benefit from a professional development knowledge exchange

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