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Technology can make communication possible… but only fully engaged people can make effective collaboration and learning happen.


Multi-generational Mentoring builds trust, purpose, and a sense of true belonging,

thereby enhancing human understanding.  

Multi-generational Mentoring drives real-time, cross-company knowledge exchange, and participants are focused on common knowledge-based goals and build trusting long-term relationships in a secure ideas-exchange eco-system that solves real problems and creates new value.


This mobile App-enabled dynamic knowledge exchange across the generations, using proven knowledge-sharing practices helps to address many of today’s most pressing organisational challenges which need diverse ideas to solve.

Multi-generational Mentoring also offers a scalable and sustainable solution to important Social Impact areas such as:


  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • Environment, Social & Governance (ESG)

  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity (EDI)

The Problem

  • Failed or ineffective interventions have a substantial impact on organisations causing wasted investment, client dissatisfaction, reputational damage, loss of employee trust and morale, and delayed early career progress

  • Recent research by global leaders monitoring a £9.5Tn sector found that up to 3% of all CAPEX involved will end up in multi-year claims, disputes, and delivery delays and are all related to repetitive human error, lack of general contractual understanding, and a lack of access to scarce or critical skills and knowledge in the moment of need

  • The annual cost of delayed progress or registrations of young apprentices and early career graduates in their chosen professional careers costs their employers and themselves millions of GBP (£s) per annum

  • Research also shows that large organisations can spend as much as 25% to 40% of early-career graduate salaries “fixing their mistakes” using more expensive and experienced employees.

Our Solution:

  • These unique virtual instructor-led and mobile App-enabled program solutions extend the lifespan value of "experiential learning" from 2-month Short Course options up to 12 and 36-month full Managed-Services Program options. They are designed to show you how to build your own sustainable and high impact business interventions that are:

  • Purpose-driven

  • Program-based

  • Methodology-empowered

  • Mobile App-enabled

  • Web analytics-monitored

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