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A Nation Building Candidacy Mentoring and Support Program



The MASELULEKANE Employer / Sponsorship Program costs are as follows:


  1. Graduate/Candidate – cost = R42 000 per annum plus VAT (however, all graduates need to be part of a managed, or minimum group of 10).

  2. 10 Graduates/Candidates – Cost = R420 000 per annum plus VAT (approximately £20 000).

    1. A launch discount applies to the first 300 candidates registered – cost reduced to R36 000 per annum (Excl. VAT)

    2. The first 3 managed groups of 100 will cost R3.6M each per annum (Excl. VAT), which includes trained mentors and subject matter experts as volunteers from across the Built Environment. (approximately £170 000)

  3. 100 Graduates/Candidates – Cost R4.2M per annum (Excl. VAT) (approximately £200 000).

  4. Due to the complexity and scale of the MASELULEKANE Program, a single invoice will be raised upfront and participants will only be loaded into the eco-system and paired with mentors once this full payment is received.

  5. There is no charge for participating Employer Organisation MENTORS – and all mentors will be thoroughly trained and registered by M4S. All participating Mentors will have the benefit of maximum CPD points across the various Built Environment disciplines (this offers employers a substantial cost savings on CPD maintenance). 

  6. Mentors can apply to be engaged as part of the “Managed Professional Mentors” cohort – see below

  7. Invoices will be raised by Mentoring 4 Success (Pty) Ltd – a Level 2 B-BBEE and an accredited “Category C” Candidacy Mentoring Program provider (DTI Skills Matrix – Category C).

  8. Participating employer organisations or sponsors seeking B-BBEE points and benefits who wish to apply their Enterprise and Supplier Development ESD (Code 400) spend can do this through our Inkaba Knowledge Mentoring Academy NPC/PBO – details available on request.

  9. Participating employer organisations or sponsors seeking B-BBEE points and benefits who wish to apply their Socio-economic Development SED (Code 500) grants can do this through our Inkaba Education and Development Trust PBO – details available on request.

Important Program information:

  1. The MASELULEKANE Candidacy Mentoring and Support Program is a 12-month program designed specifically to assist and support young South African Built Environment Candidates on their journey to professional registration.

  2. The program has been founded and is led by a team of highly qualified and experienced Built Environment Professionals.

  3. The program will include participants from 10 South African and International Professional Bodies and Institutions.

  4. The program will include mentors from South Africa and internationally who are all experts in their specific disciplines within the greater Built Environment.

  5. Groups of candidates in their common disciplines will be managed in groups of 100 (we call these “Knowledge Swarms”)

  6. The smallest unit that can be registered are 10 Candidates (we call these a “Knowledge Nuc”  which is the term for a very small swarm of bees) .

  7. The largest grouping will 1000 graduates and 100 mentors (we call these an “Experiential hive”)

  8. Employer organisations who only have 2 or 3 candidates (or less than 10) can partners with other small organisations to form a “Nuc” and get registered.

  9. Larger employer organisations can register multiple Nucs or even Swarms.

  10. Donors and sponsors can select to fund a Nuc or Swarm.

  11. All mentoring and collaboration will be virtual using MS Teams and a bespoke mobile App and web technology platform designed specifically to provide an always-on, anywhere, anytime learning eco-system for this purpose.

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