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A Nation Building Candidacy Mentoring and Support Program

We recognise the following organisations who make it possible for MASELULEKANE to happen:

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‘MASELULEKANE’ – is a Zulu wording meaning “Let’s guide each other”  and embodies the purpose of our program, which is to build a better future by fast-tracking the candidacy journey to professional registration through technology-enabled collaborative mentoring using our award-winning program methodology.

The program is based on an international award-winning model and book chapter developed and written by long standing SAICE Education and Training Panel member Philip Marsh Pr.Eng.


The B-BBEE accredited M4S “Category C” Candidacy Mentoring Program methodology will be used, which is recognised by the main B-BBEE Verification Agencies as well as the Construction Education and Training Authority (CETA). It carries 5 CPD points with ECSA as well as maximum hours across other Built Environment Professional Bodies.


This program is designed to allow the management, mentoring and monitoring of all candidates to engage in high quality knowledge mentoring activities, career-focused knowledge sharing and evidence-based learning supported by the latest technology. This will be managed in “Knowledge Swarms” in keeping with the original award-winning concept.

Employers and sponsors are encouraged to fund a minimum of 10 Candidates or 1 NUC  


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