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Robbyn Wilkinson

Robbyn Wilkinson

Main Area(s) of Career Experience

IT Consulting,Talent Development & Strategy, Executive Management, EQ specialist & coach

Years of Work Experience:


Robbyn has looked at emotional intelligence as a game changer for organizations. As a consultant and an emotional intelligence practitioner, assessor, and specialist in the people side of organizational performance, and the underlying climate drivers, well-being of ecosystems and people, and underlying neuroscience and emotions behind relationships in the organizations and with customers outside of the organization.
​Believing that leadership is at the center of navigating through change, and building resilience into systems, she encourages personal and professional growth through improved leadership competencies and emotional intelligence, focusing on women in leadership as well as Very Young Entrepreneurs.

Using emotional intelligence coaching, EQ assessments, emotional intelligence training, and other interventions, Robbyn helps organizations, in the small – to establish themselves and create sustainable businesses by focusing on the entrepreneur, and in the large – to transform their cultures by building productive work relationships.
​In 2019, Robbyn co-founded a specialist niche consulting company, EUnOIA Solutions, focusing on directing the strategic investments of organizations in people to prepare them for the uncertain VUCA world in both hard and ‘soft’ skills, and those investments in the SMME supply chain into the larger organizations, growing strong sustainable businesses and entrepreneurs.
​Robbyn believes leadership is the absolute crux of organizational success and women have value and balance to bring to the equation.

Professional / Chartered Designation / Title:

Professional / Chartered Registration Number

Professional / Chartered Registration Date:

Voluntary Associations:(SAICE/ASAQS/SACAP etc.)

Ex Chair – Gauteng Central equestrian committee
Ex Chair SVRA – local resident’s association
Volunteer for The Dachshund Haven

Current Status: (Associate / Member / Fellow / Retired etc)

IITPSA member
IEEE 1484.20.2 competency frameworks working member

Qualification(s) Obtained:

BBA (Unisa 2008)
MAP (Wits Business School 1996)
Six Seconds EQ Assessor, 8 specialist EQ certifications

University(s) Attended:

UNISA, WITS Business School

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