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Phillip Marsh

Phillip Marsh

Main Area(s) of Career Experience

Civil and Structural Engineer / Knowledge Management Consultant / App Inventor

Years of Work Experience:


Philip founded Knowledge Mentoring (Global) Limited in Cambridge in January 2019 as part of the UK Gov DIT Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEP) initiative and now operates from the Surrey Technology Centre in the Research Park of Surrey University as part of the Set Squared Partnership. Philip is also the founder and group managing director of the Knowledge Management Institute (Pty) Ltd Group of Companies.

Philip is one of the foremost experts on mobile App-enabled Knowledge Mentoring™, personal knowledge management, and large group structured mentoring programs and has consulted, advised, trained, and presented at international conferences in the USA, UK, Australia, UAE, Africa, and India.
​Philip is the author of a book entitled “Knowledge Mentoring™ - a framework for bridging the global scarce and critical skills and knowledge crisis” and is also a regular contributor to the Civil Engineer and Engineering Weekly magazines in South Africa, writing a series of articles on effective Knowledge Sharing and Structured Knowledge Mentoring™ practices for engineers and the construction industry. In 2015, at the Global KM Congress in Mumbai, India, in July 2015, for his paper and presentation entitled “Knowledge Swarms and Experiential Hives™ – the critical and emergent role of the aging knowledge experts in the engineering and construction sectors of developing countries” and has subsequently written a series of continuing articles on his “knowledge swarms and experiential hive” concept.

Philip has also written chapters for two internationally published books in 2017, namely; 1. “Knowledge Swarms and Experiential Hives – a compelling vision for on-demand mobile knowledge mentoring - nation-building and transforming mentors into multipliers” in the book, Evaluating Media Richness in Organizational Learning, commissioned by IGI International in collaboration with 9 other international KM and Learning Organisation subject matter experts, and 2. “Structured Mentoring in the Engineering and Construction Sector” in the book Managing Human Resource Development – a strategic learning approach by Marius Meyer published by Lexis Nexis. Philip has also produced the industry's first Handbook on Professional Registration Support and Candidacy Mentoring for the Built Environment in Southern Africa.
Philip’s extensive contribution to the Human Resources sector in Africa was recently recognized in 2018 by the CEO of the South African Board of People Practices (SABPP). Philip has also been a guest lecturer on Knowledge Management at the University of Stellenbosch, Construction Management Program (CMP), and has collaborated and worked with the IKM Department at the University of Johannesburg, as well as the University of Pretoria.
Before establishing KMG in 2019 and the KMI Group in 1996. Philip also led the R & D team who developed and launched two award-winning technical innovations in structural engineering for high-rise, composite floor construction and also served as a board member of an international, UK-based corporation, during this period.

Professional / Chartered Designation / Title:

Professional / Chartered Registration Number

Multiple (Retired)

Professional / Chartered Registration Date:

Multiple (Retired)

Voluntary Associations:(SAICE/ASAQS/SACAP etc.)


Current Status: (Associate / Member / Fellow / Retired etc)


Qualification(s) Obtained:

B.Sc(Eng), G.D.E, Dip.Bus.Man

University(s) Attended:

University of Durban (Natal)

Pr.Eng / MSAICE / C.Eng / MICE / MIStructE / MHRP (All Retired) + CKM

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