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Morag Campbell

Morag Campbell

Main Area(s) of Career Experience

Built Environment : Architecture

Years of Work Experience:


A passionate advocate for architecture’s ability to make a tangible difference in people’s lives, spatially transform our environment and address individual and social regeneration.
A core interest in offering new insights that will challenge pre-conditioned thinking patterns and perceptions, to inspire beneficial behavior change, relevant in all relationship scenarios within both professional and personal environments.

As a keen observer and listener, Morag engages and sees beyond the obvious and visible, thereby extracting latent possibilities, and guiding students to initiate an inquiry, see things differently, gaining confidence to explore their own logical creativity, on the path to owning their individualistic thought patterns and design drivers.
Understanding people’s needs and diverse architectural principles have been applied and honed locally and internationally across a variety of applications. Inspired by experiencing different cultures, I have combined travel and work across different environments, within Emergency Disaster and Reconstruction zones, Aboriginal Communities, Urban Planning, Residential, Heritage, Education, Student Mentoring and Tutoring, Commercial projects, External Examiner at various Universities, and intense research into lifestyles and spatial occupation within marginalized urban zones.

A strong conceptual designer, awarded for proposed new design approaches to the occupation of spaces in Johannesburg Inner City, I am able to define and simplify the nature of complex problems and supply different perspectives to support innovative value-based solutions for effective design decisions.
My focus on helping others to see things differently is also reflected in OpenRider, a niche coaching program focused on women, which uses motorbike riding as a means to generate an innovative methodology of learning and applying new skills, as activation of personal transformation.

Professional / Chartered Designation / Title:

Professional / Chartered Registration Number

PrArch 6473

Professional / Chartered Registration Date:


Voluntary Associations:(SAICE/ASAQS/SACAP etc.)


Current Status: (Associate / Member / Fellow / Retired etc)

Founder and Member

Qualification(s) Obtained:

B,A,S and B.Arch (with distinction)
Internationally Certified BMW Motorrad OffRoad Instructor

University(s) Attended:

University of Witwatersrand

Professional Architect

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