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Gordon Druce

Gordon Druce

Main Area(s) of Career Experience

Water and Sanitation

Years of Work Experience:


I have been responsible for undertaking master planning investigations, feasibility studies, design, procurement, and contract administration for various projects relating to water supply, sanitation, and township engineering. I have undertaken extensive modeling of steady-state and pressure transients in pipelines for determining appropriate measures to mitigate the impact of water hammer in pipelines. I recently retired, but am providing consulting services, and also currently serve on the SAICE Project Management and Construction Division Ad-hoc Contract Advisory Sub-Committee for Conditions of Contract. With other country-wide specialists, who together are responsible for reviewing and updating the SAICE suite of conditions of the contract. Including the General Conditions of Contract 2015. The General Conditions of Subcontract, and the new Short and Simplified Forms of the General Conditions of Contract.

Professional / Chartered Designation / Title:

Professional / Chartered Registration Number


Professional / Chartered Registration Date:

05 April 1988

Voluntary Associations:(SAICE/ASAQS/SACAP etc.)

SAICE (South African Institution of Civil Engineering)

WISA (Water institute of Southern Africa)

IMESA (Institute of Municipal Engineers of Southern Africa)

Current Status: (Associate / Member / Fellow / Retired etc)

Member (SAICE)
Fellow (WISA)
Member (IMESA)

Qualification(s) Obtained:

BSc Civil Engineering

University(s) Attended:

University of KwaZulu-Natal

Professional Engineer

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