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Employee Wellbeing

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The Problem 

  • It is now common knowledge that the global pandemic, extended national lockdowns, and other disturbing global events have had a significant impact on the psychological wellbeing of employees and even executive management

  • The so-called new world of work also raises the "unconsidered need" for improved structured social learning and collaborative mentoring

  • Changes in working practices have reduced or removed the ability to participate in traditional "water-cooler" type learning opportunities

  • Classroom style learning has been replaced by various hybrid and online learning methods and less interaction

  • The ability to effectively evaluate the acquisition and assimilation of real learning needs a whole new approach


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The Solution 

  • Research indicates that people need to re-connect with their own humanness through social interaction and engagement with others

  • To counter-balance the on-going "unconsidered needs" of the future of work and an increase in remote working practices, the power of connected thinking and collaborative mentoring, with caring and common purpose needs to be elevated to a new level of priority

  • Global events have also placed ever-increasing pressures on L&D budgets, and ROI on "learning spend" has become a real challenge 

  • The employee wellbeing and wellness benefits of Multi-generational Mentoring are the perfect solution to offer re-connection and caring within your organisation

Extended Lifespan Value of Learning

  • Extended lifespan learning works on the tried and trusted learning method of "watch one, do one, teach one"

  • This validates that learning has been acquired and is embedded for use and application in the future 

  • The unique M4S process follows a "Before, During and After" approach combining expert, virtual instructor-led sessions with always-on, anytime & anywhere mobile App engagement


BEFORE - 1-week beforehand

Registration & Preparation

  • Pre-course alignment & reading


Session 1 - 2 hours

Onboarding and Induction

  • Program purpose & outcomes

  • Metrics for success

  • Engagement & impact analytics


Session 2 - 1.5 hours

Introducing Knowledge Mentoring

  • Knowledge themes

  • Collaboration & sharing tools

  • App-enabled knowledge sharing


Session 3 - 1.5 hours

Implementation and Application

  • Challenges & problems to solve

  • Multi-generation mentoring

  • Connected collective thinking


Session 4 - 1.5 hours

Consolidation and Close-out

  • Review lessons learned

  • Share success stories

  • Take-outs & take-aways



Continuity by negotiation

  • Options to leverage the value

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