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M4S Diverse group of Graduates and young


We offer a unique approach that brings back 

human connection and trust 

This mobile platform enables our unique knowledge mentoring methodology.


Our KnowledgeMentor™ platform provides a full mobile and web environment to nurture human connection and knowledge sharing.


Powerful analytics and reporting monitor participant engagement and partnership responsiveness.

Our platform-driven methodology puts the fun back into learning with gamification and progression status. 

M4S Diverse group of execs collaborating
Training &
Diversity &
M4S Graduate using mobile app for mentor

This mobile platform enables graduate and career acceleration.


Our MentorExcellerator™ platform gives graduates and candidate professionals the ability to record and develop personal and professional goals within a structured career framework.


The platform aligns and monitors progress towards achieving participant goals, competencies and learning insights through journaling.


Our platform-driven methodology can include learning simulations and micro-credentialing which nurtures expert input and guidance throughout the learning journey.

Technology Enablers


M4S is the Master South African Channel Partner 

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Our solutions add unique value and critical developmental insights across multiple strategic and transformative learning areas such as:


Leadership Development, B-BEEE Implementation, Career Management, Mentoring,  Group Coaching, Consulting, Diversity and Inclusion, Employability Enhancement, Graduate or Young Talent Development, Internships, Learnerships, Apprenticeships, Candidacy Programs On-Boarding, Psycho-Social Support, Knowledge Retention, Succession Planning, Talent Acquisition, Work Readiness, Youth Unemployment to name just some of the successful applications.


Both platforms launch and support a powerful project-based M4S Simulation Learning environment which unlocks significant opportunities for both employed and unemployed graduates and staff.


This enhances both employment and “employability”.


MKM and HQ.png
M4S Succesful graduate in corporate work


and who we work with

  • We work with corporate entities, academic institutions and medium-sized organisations, as well as NGO's / NPC's & Public Benefits Organisations.

  • We are well known for our approved "Category C" type candidacy mentoring programs for young graduates working towards professional registration.

  • We have many success stories across multiple industry sectors. Our programs help small and large organisations achieve meaningful results.     

  • Some of our successes include WBHO, AECOM, Stefanutti Stocks, UNISA, ABB, Cell Networks, UNW, StudyTrust, Pioneer Foods, Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Our Successes


“How to Engage with M4S” – 7-Step Process

Engagement Process
M4S Diverse group of Graduates and young

Step 1Contact Us –

Step 2 We will contact you to find out more about your needs

Step 3We will conduct a virtual needs analysis and program scoping

Step 4We will agree your preferred solution and budget

Step 5We will setup and configure your platform uniquely for your needs

Step 6We will commence the appropriate training solution selected

Step 7Go Live

Our unique success formula extracts and draws on insights from more than 100 “collective years” of experience in implementing formal graduate development and leadership acceleration and structured mentoring programs in Africa and integrates with the modern neurosciences of learning, knowledge sharing and the transfer of scarce and critical skills and knowledge, where context is king!


Our integrated methodology-driven approach includes a transformative learning eco-system with mobile Apps and powerful analytics monitoring platforms. Our structured formula to deliver on our promise is enabled through two mobile driven Apps and analytic platforms for the virtual management, monitoring and measurement of critical success factors that drive truly transformational learning. 

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