Professional Registration Support Mentoring

Structured Mentoring ProgrammesThe rapidly transforming new world of work and the demands and expectations of the modern millennial learner have put enormous pressure on the traditional ways in which young graduates approach professional registration and manage the progress of their early careers.

Coupled with global mobility and varying academic backgrounds, most learned societies, professional bodies and voluntary associations are hard pressed to cater for the complex array of circumstances which large volumes of aspirant young professionals present to them – and the organisations and institutions in which they are employed have an even more daunting task in trying to support and monitor the road to registration of their graduates.

Mentoring 4 Success™ has uniquely developed an integrated structured mentoring solution which provides a total professional registration support mentoring outsource solution for clients, offering a full professional mentoring programme management and administration function as well as professionally registered facilitators and world class mobile Knowledge Mentoring Apps and rich monitoring and reporting analytics.

This is an essential driver of the M4S Nation Building through Knowledge Mentoring™ philosophy.

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