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    Mentoring Programmes

    Bespoke “High Impact / High Value” offerings:

    Our “core” Structured Mentoring Programmes include:

    3 month “Kickstart”, 6 month “Jumpstart” and 12 month “Headstart” Structured Mentoring Programme Types include:

    • Goal / Talent / Change options + Fully Customised options –
    • All programmes are available in the following formats of delivery:
    • Flexi-Structured | Semi-Structured | Fully-Structured

Is your organisation dependent on the scarce and critical skills and knowledge of an expert or ageing knowledge-force?

Is your organisation at risk of losing the “experiential wisdom”, critical networks and contacts of these same people in the next 3 to 5 years ?

Is sustainability, service delivery, business excellence and competitive advantage important to you organisation ?

Do you need the only proven solution to these challenges ?

Significant global experience shows that only formal and outcomes focused Structured Mentoring Programmes, focused Knowledge Sharing and Transfer initiatives and Group Coaching interventions produce successful and sustainable transfer of tangible value. Mentoring 4 Success offers the most comprehensive suite of mobile App enabled Structured Mentoring Programmes available.

The scarce and critical skills, knowledge, experiential learning, behaviours, values, key relationships and strategic networks required for organisational success and sustainability in almost every industry today require focused effort and time to share and transfer and Structured Mentoring is the only proven solution to meet this global need.

Our continued experience and research at Mentoring 4 Success™ through our valued clients, professional bodies, learned societies, recruitment specialists, the public press, TV and the general business media, points to the fact that a great percentage of today’s young staff, university graduates, and junior management simply do not have the appropriate combinations of personal and organisational competencies required to participate positively and perform effectively in their jobs… or even advance with clarity and confidence in their careers.

Repetitive and predictable mistakes, low productivity, poor team morale and the high staff turnover statistics are clear indicators that we are not getting this right, across a broad spectrum of organisations.
Tragically, most organisations remain focused on a sheep dip style of “one size fits all” training and development using standardised learning objectives and the unique, individually focused needs of people and their jobs or careers is seldom effectively addressed.

Mentoring 4 Success™ has an extensive, expertly developed and globally benchmarked suite of short, medium and long term Structured Mentoring Programmes and Group Coaching Interventions, which can be tailored to suit your exact organisational and people development needs.

The 3 month “KICKSTART” MENTORING PROGRAMME – General Overview:

The 3 month KICKSTART programme duration is available for GOAL and TALENT Mentoring interventions and is designed specifically for small groups of staff and management, possibly in a Pilot Programme, or where Mentoring has not yet been identified as a long term enterprise wide priority, either as a result of other HR initiatives running, commencement in the middle of a financial year or simply a lack of available budget. These challenges often deny the significant and proven benefits of a structured Mentoring programme, to highly deserving candidates.

The 6 month “JUMPSTART” MENTORING PROGRAMME – General Overview:

The 6 month JUMPSTART programme is similar to the 3 month KICKSTART Programme, but with a 6 month duration and includes additional techniques from the M4S Mentors Toolkit™

The 12 month “HEADSTART” MENTORING PROGRAMME – General Overview:

The 12 month HEADSTART Programme is the Mentoring 4 Success “flagship” programme and is an intense knowledge transfer and learning experience for both Mentors and Mentees. The partnerships engage in a series of life changing techniques, activities and “conversations of context” and situationally relevant development initiatives, which produces a sustainable mentoring culture in your organisation – thus ensuring a return on your investment many times over for years to come.