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The modern millennial learner and the rapidly transforming new world of work demand a whole new way of sharing knowledge and collaborating for competitive advantage, improving business excellence and ensuring long-term sustainability.

The modern millennial learner needs on-demand context and not content – and they need it anywhere and anytime, in just enough detail to satisfy the immediate need. Almost all of life’s most important lessons are learned in the workplace on a daily basis and not in the classroom and the ability to share and collaborate on these essential elements of experiential wisdom are what will separate the successful individuals and organisations of the future.

The Knowledge Mentoring Institute (Pty) Ltd and Mentoring 4 Success (Pty) Ltd have developed industry leading Mobile Knowledge Mentoring Apps to address this critical need of the modern high performance learning organisation.

Are time, distance and appropriate venues a constant challenge for your structured mentoring initiatives?

Do ever changing diaries and a highly mobile “knowledge-force” get in the way of your knowledge sharing needs?

Does a dependency on a few busy experts delay the effective transfer of knowledge to your next generation?



myKnowledgeMentor™ is a globally unique mobile learning and collaboration Mobile Mentoring App which meets the demands of the Modern Learner – and the Modern Knowledge Manager. This growing demand is driven by the need for Anywhere / Anytime / On-Demand / In-the-Moment / On-the-Job learning and context rich information – within a rapidly accessible and mobility enabled framework of situational understanding, episodic learning and a trusted knowledge network

myKnowledgeMentor™ offers unparalleled communication, cooperation and collaboration amongst both small and large groups working in knowledge intensive environments.

  • Engage the Modern Learner
  • Multiple Collaboration Options
  • 24 x 7 Mentoring Connectivity
  • Leverage your Experiential Wisdom
  • Large Group Collaboration
  • Contribution Status & Progression
  • Knowledge Themes & Topics
  • Rapid Knowledge Surveys & Audits
  • Extensive Mentors Toolkit™
  • Incentivise, Reward & Recognise
  • Develop Re-Usable K-Assets
  • Partnership & Progress Evaluation
  • Gamification and “Funification”
  • Activity Dashboards & Monitoring
  • Learning Profile & Status View
  • Rich Engagement Analytics

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myMentorExcellerator™ is a unique Mentor empowered personal and professional career acceleration Mobile Mentoring App. The highly customisable combinations of Mobile goal mining and tracking functionality, combined with the rich individual capability development and evaluation tools, provide a unique and ubiquitous enabler for any organisation or individual serious about the effective development and growth of their intellectual capital and people assets.

myMentorExcellerator™ offers unparalleled connectivity between those who know where they want to go, and those who can get them there.

  • Engage the Modern Learner
  • Performance Improvement
  • 24 x 7 Mentoring Connectivity
  • Gamification and “Funification”
  • Personal & Professional Goals
  • Insights & Engagement Tracking
  • Business & Functional Capabilities
  • Progress Monitoring & Motivation
  • Rich Experiential Competencies
  • Presentation Rating & Evaluation
  • Professional Registration Support
  • Progress Incentivisation Capability
  • Academic & Educational KPA’s
  • Activity Dashboards & Monitoring

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This is an essential driver of the M4S Nation Building through Knowledge Mentoring™ philosophy.