Client References

“It has been a pleasure having Philip Marsh and Mentoring 4 Success on board with WBHO over the past two years. The proven methodology that M4S has brought to the company has certainly created an atmosphere that inspires confidence amongst our employees and managers, and significantly raised the level of motivation. We firmly believe that Mentoring 4 Success will enable WBHO to be competitive in the ever changing markets in which we operate, and will enable us to attract, develop and retain talent that is critical to our ongoing success. Thank you for the long hours spent guiding and motivating the teams in the application of these methodologies. The Mentoring 4 Success team certainly has the passion to make the programme work, irrespective of the hurdles faced.”

Louwtjie Nel – CEO, WBHO Construction (Pty) Ltd – 2014

“The decision to contract Mentoring 4 Success to facilitate a structured mentorship journey proved to be the best decision given the end results achieved. Mentees grew from being just another young professional in the company, to confident, well equipped high potential individuals that are now comfortable with Senior Employees and use this basis to grow exponentially. This growth is not just on a personal level, but also evident in their work sphere. Mentors discovered and developed mentorship skills that are now used in the day to day interaction, not only with mentees, but all young employees in the company. I truly believe that we have embarked on a process of structured mentoring that can significantly contribute in accelerating Denel Land Systems towards our growth and future vision. It is for this reason that we are expanding this programme going forward, and I will recommend it to any company that is serious about developing future talent.”

TH Mahlinza – Chief Human Resources, Denel Land Systems – 2012

“The Denel Industrial Properties Mentoring 4 Success programme made a difference in the lives of our people. What a huge success! When our HR department approached me to approve the project I was very doubtful but went ahead because I needed to score for my Climate Improvement Plan. Now after the first team graduated I can vouch what a great investment. This programme has changed lives and shown us who will be the leaders for tomorrow. The employees that have attended the programme have grown in their personal and work related capacity. They got out of their comfort zone and are taking the lead in their respective departments. Employees have completed long outstanding studies and are pursuing hobbies as a result of the mentoring programme. I highly recommend the programme and it is not just a tick in the box exercise but has made a difference.”

EJ Geldenhuys – General Manager, Denel Industrial Properties – 2010

“The Mentoring 4 Success™ programme has been one of the most stimulating interactions that I have been associated with, and I trust that DLS will build on the foundations that has been laid.”

Arthur Oates – Manager, Denel Land Systems – 2010

“The Mentoring 4 Success Program provided an excellent return on the investment into these young professionals. The structured approach with a well-developed program based on set assignments, goals and target dates created a close relationship between mentor and mentee to transfer knowledge from all experts within and external to the organisation.”

Cecil Oates – Managing Director – Ntuthuko Generation, Babcock International Group – 2009

“The Set Point Group implemented the Mentoring 4 Success Structured Mentoring Programme and it is proving to be a real success, both with management and employees. The programme structure provides a disciplined environment that promotes growth both for the company and for the individual. This growth is holistic and encompasses not only the work place, but allows for personal and emotional growth as well.

Mentoring 4 Success uses a proven methodology that promotes awareness, structure, growth, and stimulates the courage to act and reach towards goals. The programme creates an atmosphere that inspires confidence, communication, and importantly, motivation. It also generates positive attitudes and encourages innovation and forward thinking.”

Marji Snelling – Human Resources Director, Set Point Group – 2010

“The ability of today’s organisations to remain competitive and sustainable into the future, will be a function of the organisations capability and capacity to attract, develop and retain excellent people – and this means doing things differently. Implementing a structured and documented mentoring program such as Mentoring 4 Success™ provides us with an end-to-end solution to this challenge and has been enthusiastically embraced by the top management as well as line management and our excited new graduates and appropriate staff.”

Lochi Lochner – Quality Director, Howden Africa – 2008

“We instituted the KMI Mentoring for Success™ program in Atlas Copco EPA and have found the comprehensive nature of the program to be a very valuable personnel development tool, as besides its value as a people development tool, it can very easily be aligned to facilitate many other strategic, legal and compliance goals as well. As an integrated tool it provides a “one shot” answer to a number of imperatives facing South African companies today.”

Colin Rice; General Manager, Atlas Copco Exploration Products Africa – 2006

“The team at Mentoring for Success™ have provided us with a sound structured mentoring methodology. We are utilising this in a number of mentoring relationships and this is proving to be invaluable in growing and developing our people. The Phil Marsh and his Knowledge Management team have spent many hours coaching and guiding us in the application of these methodologies and have encouraged us all the way. We are deeply grateful to the team for their efforts and commend them for the passion they demonstrate in their work.”

Germaine Schumann; Commercial Director, SAP Africa – 2006

“Philip Marsh and Knowledge Management International is a highly recommended professional services provider that has the interests of their clients at heart. Throughout the KM Framework development, KMI transferred key skills to ensure that staff at City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality was empowered and are now more capable to carry the knowledge management implementation process forward”

Blake Mosley-Lefatola – Municipal Manager, City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality – 2005

“Philip Marsh and Knowledge Management International gives a concise and impressive workshop on the issue of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) within organisational Knowledge Management and Strategy. Everyone in the South African business community should take heed of the lessons and dynamics of this important approach towards “Corporate Knowledge and Risk Strategy” if they want to successfully compete in the global environment that we are a part of”

Themba Sibeko – CEO – Gauteng Film Office – 2005

“Philip Marsh took us through a Knowledge Management intervention on how to manage knowledge in a project environment. The session was excellent, stimulating and has had a lasting effect on how we work in our department. Philip is an excellent presenter and the content was very specific to our business and we will definitely use KMI again”

Judi Sandrock – Manager of Knowledge Management – Kumba Resources – 2005

“I first met Mr Philip Marsh, CEO of Knowledge Management International (KMI) in November 2002 at a conference where he made a brilliant presentation on how to operationalise a Corporate Strategy to achieve a competitive edge. After a series of short interventions, the Corporation finally engaged KMI to carry out a major review of its Corporate Strategy in April 2006. KMI’s experience helped us re-design our Balanced Scorecard such that we focus more on service delivery. Initially, we had implemented the Kaplan – Norton model, which is more profit led without customising it to our requirements. As a parastatal organisation, our focus is more on service delivery than increasing shareholder value. We believe this is the right approach and many parastatal/government institutions like ourselves can immensely benefit from the wide experience of KMI.”

Godfrey W. Mudanga – Deputy CEO, Water Utilities Corporation, Botswana – 2004

“The unique combination of Philip’s honed strategic mind and SYMBIOSIS, his revolutionary strategy development and implementation software platform will, I believe, transform the way we do business in the future!”

Peter During – Regional Manager – MTN (Western) – 2001

“Philip Marsh and Knowledge Management International added incredible value to the strategic planning and implementation of ideas for the future growth of our group. Their professionalism and broad experience was evident throughout.”

Dickie Naidoo – Group Financial Director – MICA Group – 2001

“When dealing with Philip Marsh and Knowledge Management International we are very impressed by their contagious energy, steadfast professionalism and effective solutions on how to maximise the potential of our most precious asset – our people.”

Thys Du Toit CEO – Coronation Fund Managers – 1998

“Phil’s energy, professionalism and broad experience made him a valuable resource whenever OMAM engaged with him.”

Tim Cumming CEO – Old Mutual Asset Management – 1998