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Mentoring 4 Success™

Mentoring 4 Success

Our Passion and Purpose

“We are driven to unlock Africa’s full People Potential and Organisational Effectiveness, through our global best practice, organization wide, Structured Mentoring and Group Coaching Programmes and Workshops”
We can make a difference… We can REALLY make a difference
Talent Potentiation



myKnowledgeMentor™ is a globally unique mobile learning and collaboration Mobile Mentoring App which meets the demands of the Modern Learner – and the Modern Knowledge Manager. This growing demand is driven by the need for Anywhere / Anytime / On-Demand / In-the-Moment / On-the-Job learning and context rich information – within a rapidly accessible and mobility enabled framework of situational understanding, episodic learning and a trusted knowledge network.

myKnowledgeMentor™ offers unparalleled communication, cooperation and collaboration amongst both small and large groups working in knowledge intensive environments.


myMentorAccelerator™ is a unique Mentor empowered personal and professional career acceleration Mobile Mentoring App. The highly customisable combinations of Mobile goal mining and tracking functionality, combined with the rich individual capability development and evaluation tools, provide a unique and ubiquitous enabler for any organisation or individual serious about the effective development and growth of their intellectual capital and people assets.

myMentorAccelerator™ offers unparalleled connectivity between those who know where they want to go, and those who can get them there.

Mentoring Programmes

Mentoring Programmes

The most consistent challenge experienced by organisations of every type and sector in the world today, is in the ability to consistently and effectively Attract, Develop, Motivate and Retain excellent people.

Indeed, the annual global expenditure on a huge multiplicity of Performance Improvement and Training and Development initiatives runs into the trillions of dollars… and more alarmingly, few if any, deliver on their promise or provide the expected Return on Investment. The Mentoring 4 Success™ suite of organizational Structured Mentoring and Group Coaching Programmes are your answer to this challenge. Read more…

Professional Registration – Support Mentoring Programmes (Pr-SMP)

  • Are you a Graduate in any of the Engineering, Projects, Construction, Building, Quantity Surveying or Architectural disciplines?
  • Are you finding the Journey to Professional Registration a little daunting?
  • Would you like to achieve Professional Registration in the minimum amount of time, whilst achieving maximum capability and potential?

Look no further – we have a tried and trusted solution for you! – DOWNLOAD PDF

Mentoring Workshops

Mentoring Workshops

A critical success factor in all effective organizational Structured Mentoring and Group Coaching Programmes is the training and development of effective Mentors and Mentees, or Coaches and Coachees.

Many Mentoring Workshops deal purely with the history, philosophy and theoretical benefits of Mentoring. At Mentoring 4 Success™ however, we believe that what Mentors and Mentees need most is minimal theory and maximum motivation, gained from fun filled, experientially based and participatively inclusive mentoring and knowledge sharing conversations, supported by proven mentoring tools, in a robust Structured Mentoring and Group Coaching Framework. Mentoring 4 Success™ has the most comprehensive range of Structured Mentoring and Group Coaching Workshops available, which can be tailored specifically to suit your exact Mentor / Mentee or Coach / Coachee training and development needs. Read more…

Mentoring Solutions

Mentoring Solutions

A variety of Structured Mentoring and Group Coaching Support Solutions are available from Mentoring 4 Success™ to ensure that your organisation’s Mentoring and Coaching interventions are as successful and sustainable as possible.

The Structured Mentoring and Group Coaching Support Solutions are client specific and driven by your people development needs and include full Mentoring Consultancy and Advisory services, hosted on-line Mentoring Needs Analysis Surveys, Mentoring Effectiveness Surveys and full Client Mentoring Programme development consulting services. Mentoring 4 Success™ has a range of Structured Mentoring and Group Coaching Solutions designed specifically to provide you with the necessary programme and partnership flexibility and support, to ensure maximum enjoyment of the relationship and optimum knowledge sharing and transfer. Read more…

Mentoring Products

Mentoring Products

Mentoring 4 Success™ has a variety of useful Structured Mentoring and Group Coaching Products to support Mentors, Mentees, Coaches, Coachees and Internal Mentoring Programme Co-ordinators.

These include a range of Structured Mentoring and Group Coaching articles, tips and techniques for effective Mentoring and Coaching, including downloadable videos. Read more…